Introduction: A Faithful Sidekick Finds Her Superhero

When my sister, Kari, handed over my birthday present a few weeks ago, it looked like a small stack of papers.  I assumed it was Cute Nephew Pictures.  Which would have been fine, as one can never have too many Pumpkin Spice Lattes or too many Cute Nephew Pictures.  But it turned out that my gift was the Internet.  More specifically, the domain.

A bit of background…

Our entire family was thrilled as a new Superhero (my nephew Brady) was brought into the world. But I’ll be honest. – I’m not that good with babies. The idea of trying to interact with a tiny human being whose only method of communication is crying freaks me out. How the heck am I supposed to know if they are cold, hot, tired, hungry, poop-y, rash-y – or if they just want someone to turn off the TV because they are sick and tired of the 2016 presidential campaign coverage? But by the time Captain AmeriCute learned to say, “Auntie Kimberly” (a name longer than he was tall at the time), I knew that I would forever be his Faithful Superhero Sidekick.

As Brady got older, it became apparent that we shared large strands of DNA. We love music. We tend to get cranky when forced to sit still for group photos. We have perfected “the stare” (passed down from Brady’s “Dadat”, my father), a most excellent way to let everyone around us know we are displeased without having to say a word. We giggle at the same goofy stuff. (Sure, everyone would probably agree that “exploding applesauce” is funny, but who knew that a sign saying, “Please Do Not Sit on the Couch Thank You” could provide hours of hilarity?) This past Mother’s day, we picked out the EXACT SAME CARD for our mothers.

Brady is a highly versatile Superhero whose Special Powers include intelligence, incredible cuteness, creativity, a delightful sense of humor, boundless energy, and an excellent memory. But when he was diagnosed with developmental delays, I wanted to do something to help. So I started making a series of “Auntie Kimberly” videos to complement Brady’s school lessons and uploaded them to YouTube, but kept them unlisted. When a few friends commented that the videos might help their own Pint-Sized Superheroes, I made some of them public.

20150906_104949Which brings us back up to date. is now live, and I decided to add this blog as a complement to the info on the site and as an outlet for any other random debris that I find being tossed around the eternal monsoon of my mind.  (Of course, said debris never includes REALLY useful information, like, “Where did I leave my car keys?”  “What the heck is the password for that site that I registered for fifteen minutes ago?”  Or “Don’t open the back door while the security alarm is set. Don’t open it.  Seriously, DON’T open it.  GAAAAAAAA!!!!”)

Thanks, Kari, for pushing me in to the deep end of the pool (figuratively, mostly) with the site.  Photo credit for the blog header goes to “Gra” – Brady’s grandma, my mom.  (Yes, she really did cut off the rest of our bodies.)  A shoutout to “Dadat” – Brady’s grandpa, my dad, who is probably going to change his last name out of embarrassment now that my piano keyboard socks are out on the Internet.  And to Brady – you’re my Hero, and I will always be your Faithful Sidekick. Te Amo.

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