Brady the Book Sailor: Book to the Future Part II

20200407_093240The continuing adventures of Brady the Book Sailor, Auntie Kimberly, and GrapeBeard the friendly pirate. Catch up on Book to the Future Part I – or read on!

Brady opened his eyes and looked at the clock. 6:00 a.m..Time to get up and go to school! Oh, wait. Now he had video school because of the coronavirus. He’d had the best dream. He dreamed that the Storyvore family showed up in his bedroom and told him that he could use his Magic Purple Library Card to travel into the future. He could travel wherever – and whenever – he wanted, but he could only make two trips per day. He’d gone with Auntie Kimberly and GrapeB to FedEx (his choice) and to Starbucks (Auntie Kimberly’s choice).

And then…Auntie Kimberly had realized that they could travel to fall 2020 when Season 2 of The Mandalorian was already out! It had all seemed so real! Wait, was it real?

There was a way he could check for sure, because in his dream (or maybe in his real day yesterday), he’d set up a new email address.

He opened his computer, and… Continue reading

Brady the Book Sailor: Book to the Future Part I

I started writing Brady the Book Sailor short stories to foster Brady’s interest in reading. When the real Brady not only became an avid reader (he’s now reading far beyond his grade level), but also started writing his own stories, Brady the Book Sailor went into semi-retirement. The real Brady is smart and clever and funny (he came up with the title for this story) and is quite the prolific writer, with an ever expanding universe of stories and spin-offs, heroes and supervillains, including the likes of The Kind Little Truck, Robot Snowman, Power Monkey, and Immortal Genius.  

But with the whole world stuck inside, the time seemed right to pull up anchor and unfurl the sails for another journey, to be told in two parts. You can start at the beginning of Brady the Book Sailor’s adventures or dive right in here…

Brady opened his eyes and looked at the clock: 6:00 a.m.. Time to get up and go to school! Oh, wait. Now he had video school because of the coronavirus. He climbed out of bed, and his foot was juuuuuust about to hit the floor when he heard five small sounds.






He looked down at the floor to see the entire Storyvore Family. The Storyvores were only three inches tall, and they usually lived at the library, where they filled their tummies by reading stories instead of by eating food. The parents were Milne and Diana; the kids were Padme and Pilke, and the dog was named Esteban the Magnificent. (The Storyvore family LOVED Drew Daywalt). Continue reading

‘Twas Three Weeks Before Star Wars

20191129_064850 (1)Our journey nears its end.

Brady asked me to write him a “Week Before Star Wars” poem like I did two years ago for The Last Jedi. But I was a teensy bit excited, and finished two weeks early.

The Galactic conflict between Rebels and Empire, Resistance and First order, is overshadowed by the inter-generational battle over the power of the prequels. For more on this topic, check out The Board of Education’s “Why is Dad So Mad.”

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‘Twas Three Weeks before Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Edition
by Auntie Kimberly (but we all know the real star is Brady)

Just three more weeks until Skywalker’s Rise,
And Brady and I had hearts in our eyes!
On we checked out the news,
Then checked out our list of pre-movie to dos.

We laid out our matching shirts to be worn,
Read Spark of the Resistance and Resistance Reborn.
The tickets were purchased and all printed out,
(Plus stored on my phone in case there was doubt).

We talked about possible spoilers and twists,
Then pulled out some pieces of paper for lists.
Since Episode Nine was making us wait,
We’d write down the best parts from One through Eight!

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Have a Merry Truckey Christmas: A Kind Little Truck Story by Brady

It was almost Christmas. It was December 24th, 11:59 p.m.. Only one minute until Christmas.

The kind little truck’s favorite day to be kind. The kind little truck’s name is really Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck, but he prefers just Mr. Truck.

When the clock struck midnight, he woke up. And he told everybody who was up, “Merry Christmas.” Surprisingly he saw that there were 359 other cars who were up. Continue reading

‘Twas The Day Before Christmas (A Brady the Book Sailor Poem)

‘Twas The Day Before Christmas
(A Brady the Book Sailor Poem)

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 4.27.40 PM‘Twas the day before Christmas at the start of our tale
And Brady the Book Sailor prepared to set sail.
His Magic Purple Library Card he took,
Which could whisk him away to a movie or book!

His Auntie came over, they picked up GrapeB,
(Who totally loved Brady’s new Christmas tree!)
Usually book sailing was all about play,
But Brady was leading a mission today!

He said, “Here’s the sack, and I’ve got the box”.
Auntie Kimberly asked, “What’s in here? Rocks?”
With the heavy sack over her shoulder, she paused,
“Ha, ha!” Said Brady, “You’re Auntie Claus!”

“Very funny,” she said, but he kind of was right.
“We must finish our mission before it turns night!”
“Follow me!” She said, to the pirate and boy,
“Reading’s a gift, so let’s spread some joy!”

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The Kind Little Truck (Written by Brady)

Brady wrote this story all by himself – inspired by a special gift – and read it to the family at Thanksgiving!

The Kind Little Truck
(Written and Illustrated by Brady)

There once was a little truck named Mr. Truck, a/k/a Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck. His name was almost bigger than he was.

He saw the garbage truck with a flat tire, so he stopped to help. He pulled out a little needle from the tire and started blowing air into the little hole. Continue reading