Fixing Facebook: A (Kinda Sorta) Live Feed

UPDATED 8/30/16 – added “Epilogue: Out of the Frying Pan and Into…Business Manager”

(Note: Regular Kimberly commandeered the blog this week while Auntie Kimberly was busy organizing her goofy sock drawer.)

Apparently, the only way to get Facebook’s attention these days is by using that newfangled Facebook Live feature. But I’m not super hip with new technology.  And I have a limited data plan on my phone.  So I’m going old school.

Tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Um, OK. Heh, heh! Let’s, uh, get started.

Hi, Mark Z.! Hi, Facebook employees! I’m Kimberly. We haven’t been formally introduced, but you do know me as one billionth of your daily active user pool.  Our collective sharing of personal data helped bring you 5.2 billion dollars in advertising revenue last quarter. Yes, that’s me – mediocre tennis player, member of the autoimmune disease club, Auntie, and cupcake/coffee addict. I identify as a metalhead, but I also love classical music, 70’s arena rock, and Broadway show tunes. I take thyroid meds, have an MBA, and occasionally travel for work. In addition to my personal profile, I have a Facebook Page for this blog, and I also administer two Pages as part of my job (well, now just one – more on that later). Of course, you already know all of this stuff.

I recently read that original Facebook sharing dropped 21% between 2014 and 2015 and that you’ve formed a special task force to find the Next Big Thing that will get people sharing again. Continue reading