The Brag Encyclopedia: Using the Power of Music to Uplift, Inspire, Educate, Heal, and Connect

Note from Auntie Kimberly: This is an Epilogue that accompanies To the Next Generation of Music Lovers:  We Had to Walk Ten Miles In The Snow to Buy Concert Tickets.  But the Album Art was Awesome.”  For the full effect, check out the original blog post first.  Or you can just read on for my “Brag Encyclopedia” – a listing of artists, events, and nonprofit organizations that use the power of music to music to uplift, inspire, educate, heal, and connect.  I’m proud to be a part of this extended family!

20151213_144957Music and Memory. This nonprofit organization raises funds to bring iPods into nursing homes, custom loaded with each patient’s favorite music. The results have been astounding. Just a few notes from a familiar tune and residents who were noncommunicative – even completely catatonic – suddenly re-engage with their loved ones and with the world around them. If you have 7 minutes, watch the short clip “Henry’s Story”. If you have 78 minutes, watch the full Alive Inside documentary. But before you hit “play”, grab a tissue. Oh, who am I kidding? Bring the whole box. Continue reading

Fudgsicle: In Which Auntie Kimberly Tries to Stop Swearing in Twenty-One Days

Fudgsicle. Sugar cookies. Fudgsicle. Sugar Cookies.

I’m clutching the steering wheel of my car, mentally preparing for a quick trip to the grocery store, with my Inner Coach egging me on.

Fudgsicle. Sugar Cookies.

 (“Say it like you mean it!”)

Fudgsicle!!! Sugar Cookies!!!

 (“Are you a woman or a mouse? I can’t HEAR you!”)

FUDGSICLE!!!!! SUGAR COOKIES!!!! Continue reading

Introduction: A Faithful Sidekick Finds Her Superhero

When my sister, Kari, handed over my birthday present a few weeks ago, it looked like a small stack of papers.  I assumed it was Cute Nephew Pictures.  Which would have been fine, as one can never have too many Pumpkin Spice Lattes or too many Cute Nephew Pictures.  But it turned out that my gift was the Internet.  More specifically, the domain.

A bit of background…

Our entire family was thrilled as a new Superhero (my nephew Brady) was brought into the world. But I’ll be honest. – I’m not that good with babies. The idea of trying to interact with a tiny human being whose only method of communication is crying freaks me out. How the heck am I supposed to know if they are cold, hot, tired, hungry, poop-y, rash-y – or if they just want someone to turn off the TV because they are sick and tired of the 2016 presidential campaign coverage? But by the time Captain AmeriCute learned to say, “Auntie Kimberly” (a name longer than he was tall at the time), I knew that I would forever be his Faithful Superhero Sidekick. Continue reading