Brady the Book Sailor: Book to the Future Part II

20200407_093240The continuing adventures of Brady the Book Sailor, Auntie Kimberly, and GrapeBeard the friendly pirate. Catch up on Book to the Future Part I – or read on!

Brady opened his eyes and looked at the clock. 6:00 a.m..Time to get up and go to school! Oh, wait. Now he had video school because of the coronavirus. He’d had the best dream. He dreamed that the Storyvore family showed up in his bedroom and told him that he could use his Magic Purple Library Card to travel into the future. He could travel wherever – and whenever – he wanted, but he could only make two trips per day. He’d gone with Auntie Kimberly and GrapeB to FedEx (his choice) and to Starbucks (Auntie Kimberly’s choice).

And then…Auntie Kimberly had realized that they could travel to fall 2020 when Season 2 of The Mandalorian was already out! It had all seemed so real! Wait, was it real?

There was a way he could check for sure, because in his dream (or maybe in his real day yesterday), he’d set up a new email address.

He opened his computer, and…OMG! There it was! His account! It was all real! And that meant that today after video school, he and Auntie Kimberly and GrapeB were going to watch Season 2 of The Mandalorian! This was going to be the best day ever!

When video school was over, Brady logged in to his account. He’d specifically chosen the name to annoy Auntie Kimberly. She had already left him a message: DUUUUUUUDE! ARE YOU READY TO GO? I am SOOOOOOO ready! GrapeB, are you there? Oh, I am sooooooo ready! I wondered what you guys were talking about yesterday, so I did a Google search for “Baby Yoda”, and I binge-watched the whole first season last night! OMG, Baby Yoda is SOOOOOOOO CUTE! SOOOOOOOO CUTE! SOOOOOOOO CUTE! Magic Purple Library Card, take us to Fa-

But then he had a better idea. If they went to Fall 2020, only the first chapter of the new season might be out! And what if there was a cliffhanger, like Chapter 7 of Season 1? So he erased what he’d written and typed: Magic Purple Library Card, take us to Spring 2021 so we can watch the entire second season of The Mandalorian.

The very next second, Brady was sitting in Auntie Kimberly’s living room with Auntie and GrapeB!

“Who wants snacks?” Auntie asked. “I’m sorry, Brady, but today I only have your third-favorite ice cream. Oh, wait! It’s Spring 2021! Single-serve cups of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream for everyone!!!”

Auntie Kimberly gave everyone an ice cream cup. She turned on the TV, opened up Disney+, and clicked on The Mandalorian Season 2. She took a deep breath. “Ready?” she asked.

“SOOOOOO Ready!” Brady and GrapeB said together.

It was amazing. They watched every single chapter! They laughed, they gasped at all the twists and turns, and they happy cried. When it was over, they jumped up and down in a group hug.

The next thing Brady knew, he was back at his computer. OMG, that was so awesome! Baby Yoda is SOOOOOOOO CUTE! SO AWESOME! SOOOOOOOO CUTE! SO AWESOME! SOOOOOOOO CUTE! What was your favorite part? It was when Baby Yoda…did…that…um…thing…when…he…awwwwwww, man, I can’t remember! Do you guys remember anything? Oh, no, I can’t remember a thing! Me neither! Why can we remember the other stuff we did, but not this? Oh, wait! That’s what Pilke was trying to explain yesterday when he told me about the new rule! “You’ll forget.” I guess it’s because they don’t want all the Book Sailors to go around spoiling stuff for everyone else. I guess that makes sense. Who wants to use our second trip of the day to watch it all again? I do! Me too!

So they used their second trip that day to watch “The Mandalorian” Season 2 again. And both their trips the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that.

Eventually, they decided they should mix things up. So they would watch The Mandalorian Season 2 for their first trip of the day, and then they would do something else for the second trip. (They took turns deciding.)

They went to Dairy Queen. They visited Barnes & Noble. They went to the Musical Instrument Museum. They went to the grocery store. They went to Target and wandered up and down every single aisle, just because coronavirus was gone, and they could. Brady took Auntie Kimberly and GrapeB to the golf course to show them how good he is getting. (Although he needed a little extra practice, since he hadn’t played in a while.) Auntie Kimberly took Brady and GrapeB to her tennis group. (She was happy to see her friends, even though she kept whiffing the ball. She was going to need a LOT of extra practice.)

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBrady and Auntie Kimberly took GrapeB to visit Oddysea Aquarium. As they were walking towards the exit, GrapeB was all, “Meeeeeeeh…this is OK, but I can see sharks and penguins and otters and turtles any day on my island back home.”

Brady asked, “but did you know that turtles can get a disease called bubble butt?”

“No,” GrapeB said. ”That WAS pretty interesting information.”

One day, they went to Studio Movie Grill to see “Bill & Ted Face the Music.” They loved it, although of course, they couldn’t remember anything once they got back. But they were pretty sure there was a lot of inappropriate humor. They also saw the Minecraft Movie, and the third, fourth, and fifth “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them” movies. After watching the fifth and final Fantastic Beasts movie, they all found themselves back at their computers, as usual. OMG, that was sooooooooo good! Sooooooooo good! Sooooooooo good! Wait…I can totally remember the ending! Dumbledore defeats Grindelwald in an EPIC duel – and then Dumbledore becomes Headmaster of Hogwarts! How do you think I’m remembering this? Do you think I’ve developed special Book Sailor Powers? Maybe I’m a Super Sailor now! Dude, we ALL remember the ending, because we already KNOW all that stuff from the Harry Potter books. Awwwww, man. I really wanted to be a Super Sailor.


Another day, they went to Christmas 2020, which they all agreed was super awesome, but unfortunately, no one could remember what presents they’d gotten. They all felt that was a rather unfair application of the Magic Purple Library Card rule about spoilers, but they were having so much fun, they decided they probably shouldn’t complain. And speaking of fun, one day, they used their first Magic Purple Library Card trip to attend the opening night of the Galactic Starcruiser hotel at Walt Disney World Resort! When it was over, they once again found themselves all back at their computers. That was SOOOOOO Fun! SOOOOOO Fun! I just wish I could remember what we did! I’ll bet I was a Resistance Pilot! LOL, I’ll bet you were in charge of cleaning out the trash compactor! Ha ha, very funny. NOT! Listen, I have a great idea for what we should do with our second trip today! No, we are NOT going to Sprouts again, so you can buy your first-favorite yogurt, and eat it right in the store! Seriously, dude. That was embarrassing. You could have at least bought a spoon to eat it with, instead of drinking it like a Sprite. Well, excuuuuse me. I’d hate to embarrass anyone, Round Puffy Cookie Thing Lord. No, this is a brand new GENIUS idea. What if we go WAY into the future and see what Brady is like when he’s, say, 17 years old? I hate to admit it, dude, but that actually IS a good idea. Magic Purple Library Card, take us to 2028, to whatever place Brady had his best day of the year!

She hit “send”, and they looked around. They were at a party. A super HUGE party. GrapeB and Auntie were holding teeny plates with even teenier quiches on them. Brady was holding a large golden set of salt and pepper shakers, one in each hand.

“Auntie Kimberly, you shrunk!” Brady said.

Auntie Kimberly looked up at Brady. Looked WAY up at Brady. “Whoa! No, I stayed the same, but you got taller! You must be like six feet tall now!!

“Hey Brady,” GrapeB said. “These cheesey, egg-y things are pretty tasty, but they need a little salt. Could you pass me that-”

Brady started to hand over one of the shakers when Auntie Kimberly put out her arm and stopped him.

“Oh. Em. Gee. You guys, those are NOT salt and pepper shakers. Those are OSCAR AWARD STATUES!!!!”

They were at an after party for the Academy Awards!

Just then, they spotted a group of people walking towards them. Holy moly, it was Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Kelly Marie Tran, Adam Driver, Joonas Suotamo, Lupita Nyong’o, Ian McDiarmid, Domhnall Gleason, Keri Russell, and Naomi Ackie! Practically the whole cast of Rise of Skywalker!”

Auntie said, “Act cool, you guys, act cool. Seriously. Do NOT act all fangirly and embarrass me.”

“Hey, Brady!” John Boyega said, “Congratula-“

“SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! THUNK!” Auntie Kimberly said.

Well, actually, she didn’t SAY “thunk” – she made a SOUND “thunk” when she hit the floor after she fainted.

“Is…um…she OK?” Mark Hamill asked.

“She’s fine, said GrapeB. Just a little overexcited.”

“Hey, congratulations, Brady,” said Daisy Ridley. Youngest person ever to win two Oscar Awards! I loved PowerMonkey: The Movie! It totally deserved Best Original Screenplay and Best Movie!”

They all chatted for awhile, and took some selfies. They’d have to crop out Auntie Kimberly, as she was still passed out cold on the floor.

The next thing Brady knew, he was sitting back at his own computer. OMG, Brady, I can’t believe you won two Oscar Awards! And the whole cast of Rise of Skywalker was coming up to talk to us! I don’t really remember anything after that! Did you guys forget, too? No, I remember! I totally remember you squealing and then fainting and going “thunk” when you fell on the floor. Yep, me too! Oh, man, I guess I’ll have to wait a few years for the real thing! Keep working hard on your PowerMonkey series! Who is PowerMonkey? It’s kind of a long story. Actually, PowerMonkey is a whole bunch of SHORT stories that make up one big LONG story. They are really awesome! Brady, Yoda best! Yoda best? I don’t get it. Well, instead of “You’re the Best”, I said “Yoda Best”! Ha, ha! Hey, maybe tomorrow, we can go far enough into the future so that your jokes won’t be so cheesey. Sick burn! Although that might be SO far into the future that it would make the Magic Purple Library Card network implode. Sicker burn! So…same time tomorrow? Yes! I actually have a Procrastinators Club meeting scheduled for tomorrow, but they will probably… Dude, don’t do it… Seriously, don’t… …put it off! Get it? It was a Procrastinator’s Club meeting, but they put it off? Ha, ha! ARRRRGH! See you tomorrow…



The Real Brady and The Real Auntie Kimberly were chatting over FaceTime. Brady’s new puppy, Leia, was curled up and sleeping in his lap.

Brady: What do you think of Leia?

20171209_185704 (1)Auntie Kimberly: I love her! She is SOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Brady: Who do you think is cuter? Me, Leia, porgs, or Baby Yoda?

Auntie Kimberly: OMG, don’t ask me to decide! TOO MUCH CUTENESS! So, did you enjoy “Brady the Book Sailor: Book to the Future?” By the way, that was SUCH an awesome idea that you came up with for the title!

Brady: Thank you! Yes, I did like it! But…there’s probably some stuff I would have done differently.

Auntie Kimberly: Like what?

Brady: Well, it needs a villain! Caution Prime would be a good villain name! And Part I should have totally ended on a cliffhanger. Like, you should have stopped before we learned that you’d realized that because it was Fall, we could watch The Mandalorian, Season 2. And there should have been some fart jokes.

Auntie Kimberly: Humph. I don’t like cliffhangers in my stories. Or fart jokes. But I am glad you liked it, except for no villain and no cliffhanger and no fart jokes. But I have some good news for you.

Brady: What’s that?

Auntie Kimberly: The thousand generations live in you now. But this is your fight.

Brady: Huh?

Auntie Kimberly: I’m turning over the “Brady the Book Sailor” franchise to you now! I started writing these short stories in hopes that you would get interested in reading, but you have exceeded my wildest expectations! You are not only an excellent reader, but you are writing your own stories now! So here are the keys to Brady the Book Sailor!

Brady: You can’t give me keys through FaceTime.

Auntie Kimberly: No, it’s an expression! They’re not ACTUAL keys. It means I am giving you ownership of Brady the Book Sailor. So you can have villains and cliffhangers and fart jokes!

Brady: Awesome, thank you! I accept your imaginary keys and this great responsibility!

Just then, the connection started to go crackly and static-y. A shadowy figure appeared on their screens and said: “My Name is Caution Prime! All Book Sailors must surrender their Magic Purple Library Cards to me or be destroyed! Mwahahahaha!”

And their screens went blank.

To be continued…


(By Brady.)


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