‘Twas The Day Before Christmas (A Brady the Book Sailor Poem)

‘Twas The Day Before Christmas
(A Brady the Book Sailor Poem)

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 4.27.40 PM‘Twas the day before Christmas at the start of our tale
And Brady the Book Sailor prepared to set sail.
His Magic Purple Library Card he took,
Which could whisk him away to a movie or book!

His Auntie came over, they picked up GrapeB,
(Who totally loved Brady’s new Christmas tree!)
Usually book sailing was all about play,
But Brady was leading a mission today!

He said, “Here’s the sack, and I’ve got the box”.
Auntie Kimberly asked, “What’s in here? Rocks?”
With the heavy sack over her shoulder, she paused,
“Ha, ha!” Said Brady, “You’re Auntie Claus!”

“Very funny,” she said, but he kind of was right.
“We must finish our mission before it turns night!”
“Follow me!” She said, to the pirate and boy,
“Reading’s a gift, so let’s spread some joy!”

You see, Brady the Book Sailor both writes AND reads,
“The Kind Little Truck”, who does lots of good deeds,
Was his latest creation, so he wanted to share
This story of kindness with friends everywhere.

For the mission’s first phase, they would take Auntie’s car,
“Turn on-o car-o! I’m a wizarding star!”
“It’s not a real spell,” Brady said to GrapeB,
“Oh, yeah? Who made the car start? It was me!”

They stopped at the fire station to drop off some toys,
Brady said they were for less fortunate girls and boys,
“We have so many blessings, we need to give back,”
“Auntie,” he said, “please open the sack!”

20181201_141309She took out Harry Potter books (one through three),
A giant plush Hedwig and some DVDs
And from the box a copy of “The Kind Little Truck”,
They hoped it would bring the girls and boys luck!

One final stop before the car trip ends:
A library visit with some three-inch-tall friends!
The StoryVore family had just finished feeding,
(They had brains in their tummies and got full by reading.)

Padme and Pilkey talked about their Thanksgiving
They read books for dinner! Now that’s really living!
“That sounds super cool”, Brady said
And patted Esteban the Magnificent on his doggy head.

They wished Milne and Diana a Merry Christmas
Auntie asked if they wanted to walk on an isthmus.
(OK, so “isthmus” didn’t fit with the story this time…
See if YOU can find a better word that will rhyme.)

The StoryVores had lots of relatives over,
Lily and James were playing Red Rover,
Cousins Albus and Ron had fun playing darts,
Uncle Harry was brave, Aunt Hermione had smarts.

Crookshanks was the cat (Yoda would say HanksCrooks),
Tom and Draco were mean and they hogged all the books,
And speaking of books, Brady almost forgot!
The present! ‘Cause he liked the StoryVores a lot!

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 6.00.15 PMEach one got a copy of “The Kind Little Truck.”
“What a great gift,” they said. “We’re all thunderstruck!”
“Let’s read it!” said Padme, “I’ll bet it’s a winner!”
“OK”, said Diana, “Just don’t spoil your dinner!”

They laughed and laughed and said their goodbyes.
They got in the car, and Auntie said “Guys…”
“We’ll be back at Brady’s house before too long”,
“Whatever you do, do NOT sing THAT song!”

Interlude #1:

♫“It’s a very merry scary Voldemort Christmaaaaaaaas…” ♫

Brady said, “OK, let’s blaze a new trail,
Auntie and GrapeB, it’s time to Book Sail!
Grab my Magic Purple Library Card really tight,
And think about Hogsmeade with all of your might.”

Auntie said, “Hogsmeade? Why go through that hassle?”
We could save some time and sail right in the castle.”
“Have you got brain freeze?” Brady asked and made tut-tut sounds

“Whoops!” Auntie Kimberly said, “I forgot!”
“OK, let’s go pass out these gifts that we brought!”
You see, Brady made new friends at Hogwarts this year,
And he wanted to bring them some glad Christmas cheer!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThey Book Sailed to Hogsmeade, then walked through the snow,
The decorations set Hogwarts Castle aglow!
Harry Potter waved and broke out out in cheers,
He didn’t expect Brady for a couple more years!

“Brady!” he said, “you came here once by mistake!
But I’m glad that you’re back, ‘cause we’re on Christmas break!”
Brady said, “I came here on purpose with news that is cool!
They’ve started a new Harry Potter club at school!”

Harry said, “Wow! You can ride on my broom,
And then there’s a party in our house common room!”
Brady said, “are you sure I can come in?”
The School Sorting Bag put me in Slytherin.”

Harry said, “Book Sailors can go wherever they please.
I’ll give you the passwords and maps and the keys!
But just in case, and so no one will stare,
I’ll give you a Gryffindor scarf to wear!”

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBrady mounted the Firebolt and went for a ride
While Hedwig flew along by his side!
He touched down with icicles hung from his ears,
Harry said, “Let’s go inside for hot butterbeers!”

They walked up the stairs (which changed seven times),
Gave the fat lady the password (“Coconut Limes”).
The portrait swung open and Harry led the way,
Where a Christmas party was well underway!

It wasn’t just Gryffindors, which was a bit shocking,
But kids from ALL houses were laughing and talking!
Parents and teachers and pets were all there,
Some stood, others sat in a squashy armchair.

Harry yelled, “listen a sec, it’s a real special day!”
“Book Sailor Brady has something to say!”
Brady said, “I love the wizarding world through and through,
So I wanted to share something special with you!”

GrapeB passed around copies of “The Kind Little Truck,”
Then Auntie Kimberly and her patronus (a duck)
Opened the sack and Brady reached in,
It was time for the giving of gifts to begin!

20180508_150734For Harry and Ron, Quidditch World Cup Passes,
For Luna Lovegood, some 3-D Glasses.
For Hagrid, a dragon (well, only a plush),
For Crookshanks, a special Kneazle Brush!

New robes for Lupin, a crossword for Black,
Sticky notes for Neville to keep him on track.
Nick got a necktie (specially made for a ghost),
Hedwig, an owl oven (that made tasty toast)!

Gillywater for McGonagall (to quench her thirst),
A diary for Ginny (but one that’s NOT cursed).
Fred and George each got a muggle magic trick,
For Dumbledore, woolen socks nice and thick.

20181129_140429Dobby also got socks, his favorite clothes!
He put them right over his heels and his toes.
Then Dobby squeaked, “Brady, I hate to complain”,
“But they is giving you two of the same!”

“No, the bottoms are different,” said Brady, “It’s true!”
One says, “May the Force” and the other “Be With You!”
Dobby asked, “Who is the Force? Does she bring you Glory?
Then Brady said, “Well…it’s kind of a long story!”

Then it was time for Hermione’s gift,
Which explained why the sack was so hard to lift.
Brady said, “This is definitely something you’re needing…”
A fifty-pound book! (For her, that’s “light reading”)

Then it was time to say their farewells
“Come back soon,” Harry said, “We’ll practice some spells!”
You can visit Honeydukes and ride my broom
And eat Bertie Bott’s Beans (just don’t pick mushroom!)”

“I will!” Brady said as he waved with good cheer,
I’m so glad I made friends with you lot this year!
Auntie and GrapeB, grab the Card and hold tight!
Think of GrapeB’s island with all of your might!”

They traded gifts for each other by a tree that was shady.
Chocolate coins (and some grapes!) for Auntie and Brady.
For GrapeB a brightly colored beach ball,
And Brady sang again, “It’s a very merry Vol-“

Interlude #2:
♫“It’s a very merry scary Voldemort Christmaaaaaaaas…” ♫

They got back to Brady’s (Auntie thinking of a nap),
When there was a sound at the window: tap-tap tap-tap.
They looked out the window, and their eyes opened wide.
There was an owl with a scroll (so they let him inside)!

His new friends had written a thank-you note:
We loved “The Kind Little Truck” story you wrote!
In our story, too, we help friends in need.
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good read!


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