Brady the Book Sailor and the Library Bash

The third installment in the “Brady the Book Sailor” series…

Brady was a super awesome 6-year-old boy who had just graduated from kindergarten. He was very good at reading, but Brady didn’t just READ books!

You see, Brady was a Book Sailor. With his Magic Purple Library Card, Brady could close his eyes and concentrate really hard on one of his favorite books or DVDs (as long as they had a copy at the library), and when he opened his eyes, he would be INSIDE the story!

One day, Brady set out to do some Book Sailing. First, he picked up his friend, GrapeBeard, a friendly pirate who lived on an island – and whose beard was made of grapes! Every time he plucked one of the grapes out, a new one would grow in its place!

Brady and GrapeB decided to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. GrapeB liked to dip his beard in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river to make chocolate-covered grapes! So they grabbed on to the Magic Purple Library Card and concentrated really hard. When they opened their eyes, they were in the factory, but no one was there – not Mr. Wonka and not even a single Oompa Loompa!

Brady and GrapeB yelled, “Helloooooooooo!” But no one answered!

“Gosh, that is really weird,” Brady, said.

“Maybe Willy Wonka had to use the loo,” GrapeB said.

“Maybe,” said Brady, “but I don’t think he would take all of the Oompa Loompas to the loo with him!”

“Ha ha! Good point”, GrapeB said.

Since they were already at the factory, they went ahead and drank some chocolate from Mr. Wonka’s chocolate river, and GrapeB covered his beard in chocolate. They decided to visit Star Wars next.

Brady held out the Magic Purple Library Card for GrapeB to hang onto. “Don’t think about the garbage compactor,” Brady told GrapeB.

They closed their eyes and concentrated hard. When they opened their eyes, they were…in the garbage compactor.

“GrapeB,” Brady said, “I told you not to think about the garbage compactor!”

“Whoops,” said GrapeB, “My Bad.”

“That’s OK,” Brady sighed. “Luuuuke,” he called out. “Leia? Han?” But there was no answer. The muck in the bottom of the compactor was completely still, which meant that Dianoga, the compactor monster, was gone, too.

“OK,” said Brady, “this is SUPER weird! It’s like a mystery!”

“Maybe your Magic Purple Library Card expired,” GrapeB said.

Brady said, “Hmmm…I don’t think it ever expires as long as my family has a regular library card.”

But every time they used the Magic Purple Library Card, none of the characters were there! They tried to visit Paw Patrol, Cars2, Shrek, Captain Underpants, Fly Guy, Toy Story, and The Day The Crayons Quit, but even though they showed up in the right story, they couldn’t find any of the characters!

It sure was a mystery, but Brady and GrapeB couldn’t figure out how to solve it! Finally, they decided to quit for the day and try again the next morning. When they got to GrapeB’s island, GrapeB plucked out the chocolate-covered grapes from his beard and put them in a basket for Brady to take home.

Brady used the Magic Purple Library Card to get back to his own room in his own house.

Brady opened his eyes in his bedroom. But something was strange. When he looked at the floor of the room, he found that all of his toys – including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Jessie, Slinky Dog, Super Bear, Little Bear, Austin, and Bubba were arranged to spell out a message!


The toys weren’t very good at spelling, but Brady could figure out what they meant. He had totally forgotten that the LEGO Batman movie had come out on DVD!

Brady closed his eyes and started to imagine GrapeB’s island, because he thought GrapeB would probably like to go to the party, too.

Just then, General Mommy knocked on Brady’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” Brady said.

General Mommy looked very confused. She was holding a postcard in her hand.

“Brady,” she said, “a talking turtle delivered this postcard today. It’s for you!” General Mommy handed Brady the postcard. It said:



Guests Of Honor:

The Characters From
LEGO Batman
The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Date: June 13, 2017

Location: The LEGO Batcave

Bring a Snack to Share!


“Oh, no,” said Brady. The party is today, and I don’t have any snacks to bring!”

“Brady,” General Mommy said, “aren’t you holding a basket of chocolate-covered grapes?”

Brady laughed and said, “Oh, yeah! Mr. Wonka loves these!”

“Have fun!” General Mommy said. “Be back home by dinner!”

“OK,” Brady said. He closed his eyes and grabbed on to the Magic Purple Library Card and imagined GrapeB’s island.

“The mystery is solved!” Brady said as soon as he saw GrapeB. “Quick, grab on to the card!”

GrapeB didn’t know about the LEGO Batcave, so Brady concentrated extra hard for both of them. When they opened their eyes, they saw a sign that said:

boo! heaT smelLy Birch WaTer

“Oh, no!” Brady said. “I know that a birch is a tree, but I have no idea why it would have smelly water – or why you would want to heat it up! GrapeB, were you thinking of someplace weird?”

“No!” said GrapeB. “Honest!”

Just then, Christopher Robin walked by! He was with Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet and Eeyore and Rabbit and Tigger and Owl! Winnie-the-Pooh had a blue jar that said HUNNY stuck on top of his head.

GrapeB leaned in to Brady and whispered, “Why does that bear have a jar of honey for a head? And why did he spell it H-U-N-N-Y?”

Brady whispered back, “It’s kind of a long story.”

“Hi Brady!” Christopher Robin said.

“Hi Christopher Robin! Hi Pooh! Hi Everybody!” Brady said. He introduced GrapeB to everyone and then asked, “Am I in the Hundred Acre Wood? I was trying to go to the Batcave for the Library Bash!”

“You’re in exactly the right place,” said Christopher Robin. “The entrance to the Batcave is just up ahead. Why would you think…”

Then Christopher Robin saw the sign and said, “Oooooooh.” He called out, “Harold! George! Please come back here and fix the sign!”

Suddenly, they heard two boys laughing. They turned around to see Harold and George from Captain Underpants. “Hi Brady! Hi GrapeB!” Harold and George said.

“Hi Harold! Hi George!” Brady and GrapeB replied back.

Harold and George took down the letters that said:

boo! heaT smelLy Birch WaTer

…and re-arranged them to say:

Welcome To The Library Bash!

“You have to admit that was pretty funny,” Harold said.

Brady and GrapeB laughed and said, “It sure was!”

Then Christopher Robin said, “Brady, would you help me pull the HUNNY pot off of Pooh’s head? We were going to bring this as our snack to share, but Pooh decided to sneak a taste, and he got his head stuck!”

“Sure,” said Brady. He held on to Pooh’s middle while Christopher Robin tugged the HUNNY pot off of Pooh’s head. “Thank you,” Pooh said.

“You’re welcome,” said Brady.

They all walked inside, and the first person they saw was Willy Wonka! Mr. Wonka greeted everyone and took the HUNNY pot from Pooh and the basket of chocolate-covered grapes from Brady. “Excellent, excellent,” Willy Wonka said. I’m in charge of organizing the refreshments for this party, and this is exactly what we needed!”

Just then, Buzz and Fly Guy walked up. Buzz was carrying a giant smelly can that was overflowing with garbage.

“Sorry, Mr. Wonka,” Buzz said. “Fly guy insisted on bringing his garbage to share with everyone.”

“Oh, my,” Willy Wonka said. “Thank you very much, Fly Guy. That was…um…nice of you to share. Buzz, you can…um…set it right here.” (Mr. Wonka didn’t want to be rude by telling Fly Guy that NOBODY at the Library Bash would want to eat garbage.)

Buzz set down the garbage can, and he and Fly Guy went to join the party.

“Mr. Wonka,” Brady said, “How do you know Buzz and Fly Guy? And how did Christopher Robin know Harold and George from Captain Underpants?”

“Well,” said Mr. Wonka, “We all see each other every time we have a Library Bash.”

Brady asked, “Why do you bash stuff?”

Mr. Wonka said, “Oh, we don’t bash anything! A bash is sometimes used as another name for a party! Like soiree or social or gala or shindig! You see, usually, we all have to stay inside our own stories, but we have a Library Bash whenever an important new book or DVD comes to the library so that we can welcome all of the characters to the library family! Today we’re honoring The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors and The LEGO Batman Movie!

“And do turtles deliver all the invitations?” Brady asked.

“Oh, no, my dear boy, your invitation came by Turtle Mail? You could have completely missed the party! You see, we can’t send invitations to the Library Bash through the regular mail, because these parties are secret, and only Book Sailors can come to them. So animals volunteer to deliver the invitations, but some are slower than others. I’m glad you made it! Now be sure and get some snacks from the refreshment table before you join the party!”

Brady and GrapeB picked up some paper plates and loaded them up with snacks. (They skipped the garbage). Mr. Wonka had brought Wonka Bars and Scrumpdiddlyumptious Bars. Curious George had brought bananas, but all the Minions from Despicable Me were fighting over them! LEGO Batman had brought lobster, and Rock had brought dinosaur chicken nuggets and apricots.

“Hey! Said GrapeB! Those look like fuzzy bu…”

“Shhh!” Said Brady. You can’t say that in public!

“Whoops,” Said GrapeB. “My bad!”

Brady and GrapeB recognized many people at the party including all the characters from Star Wars, Toy Story, The Day The Crayons Quit, and Shrek. They introduced themselves to Rock, Paper, and Scissors, and to all the LEGO Batman characters including Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Alfred.

“The LEGO Batmobile is over there, you guys,” LEGO Batman said. “You can go sit in it if you want!”

“Wow, thanks, that would be great,” Brady said. “Let’s go, GrapeB!”

They walked up to the Batmobile, and there was a funny looking purple and green man leaning up against the Batmobile and wiggling his bottom. It was the Joker!

“Hey, look!” said the Joker. They’re gonna have to call this the Bu…”

“Shhh!” Brady and GrapeB said together. “You’re not allowed to say that in public.”

“Whoops, my bad,” said the Joker.

Brady and GrapeB climbed into the Batmobile, and Brady pretended to drive. VROOOOOOM! VROOOOOOM!

Just then, Captain Underpants walked by!

“Hey, Captain Underpants,” Brady said. “That is super cool that you got your own movie.

Captain Underpants put his hands on his hips and said, “Why, thank you, vehicle person! Tra-la-laaaaaaa!”

Brady and GrapeB got out of the Batmobile to give someone else a turn, and went to get some more snacks.

On the way, they saw Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody and stopped to chat with them. “Did you get our message?” Woody said. “I was afraid you might not have gotten your invitation, and I didn’t want you to miss the party. Because you’re my favorite deputy!”

“I sure did,” said Brady. “Thanks, guys!”

“You’re welcome,” said Woody.

Just then, Fly Guy flew buy. “Buzzzzzzzzz”, said Fly Guy.

“Hey!” said Buzz Lightyear. “That Fly knows my name!”

“Yes, he sure is smart,” said Brady. He didn’t tell Buzz Lightyear that Fly Guy’s owner was also named Buzz.

When they got back to the snack table, they saw a lady wearing a BB-8 t-shirt giving Mr. Wonka some apple slices and vanilla ice cream cups. It was Brady’s Auntie Kimberly! She gave Brady a big hug and then said, “This must be your friend GrapeB!” Brady told her that it was GrapeB and introduced them to each other.

Auntie Kimberly said, “I almost missed the party! My invitation just arrived. A snail brought it!”

Brady said, “I got my invitation by Turtle Mail. So your invitation came by…Snail Mail?”

“Ha ha, that’s right!” said Auntie Kimberly. “But the good news is that in order to be fair, if you get a slow animal for one Library Bash, you get a super fast animal for the next one. So probably next time, we will get a Cheetah or a Blue Wildebeast or a Brown Hare! Those are some of the fastest animals on earth!”

“Cool!” said Brady.

Suddenly a new song came on the speakers. Auntie Kimberly said, “Gosh, this is a really awesome song, but I don’t know what it is. Do you guys know?”

“Yes,” said Brady, “It’s Mozart Symphony Number 40!”

“That’s good to know,” said Auntie Kimberly. “I will try to buy it on iTunes. Thanks, Smarty McSmarterson!”

“You’re welcome!” Brady said.

GrapeB whispered, “Why did she call you Smarty McSmarterson instead of Brady?”

“It’s kind of a long story,” Brady said.

The Library Bash was the best party ever. Brady, GrapeB, and Auntie Kimberly ate snacks and they talked to all the characters and listened to music. Everyone kept asking for the LEGO Batman song to be played over and over, and every time you were supposed to say BATMAN, Auntie Kimberly yelled “BRADY”!

When it was time to go, Brady and GrapeB went to the refreshment table to help Mr. Wonka and the Oompa Loompas clean up.

“Oh, dear,” said Mr. Wonka. “I don’t know what to do with all that garbage that Buzz and Fly Guy brought.”

Brady looked in the garbage can and said, “Mr. Wonka! The garbage can is completely empty.”

Just then, they heard a loud buuuuuuuuurp. And Dianoga, the trash compacter monster from Star Wars, crawled out from behind the trash can and headed out the door.

“Ha ha!” Mr. Wonka said. “I guess it’s a good thing someone brought garbage after all!”

Suddenly, Brady thought of a question. “Mr. Wonka, I didn’t see The Storyvores here. Are they invited to the Library Bash?

Mr. Wonka said, “We love the StoryVores, but when we invited them to the very first Library Bash, they all got super full and had horrible tummy aches from being around all the characters from all those stories at once! In fact, Pilke swelled up just like Violet Beauregard, and the Oompa Loompas had to deflate him!”

“But they love to hear all about what happens at the parties,” Mr. Wonka said. “So be sure and visit them the next time you go to the library!”

“Thanks, Mr. Wonka, I sure will!” Brady said.

“What are Storyvores?” whispered GrapeB.

“It’s kind of a long…um…STORY,” Brady said.

“My dear boy,” Mr. Wonka said, the Storyvores are only three inches tall. Don’t you mean it’s kind of a SHORT story?”

“Ha ha! You’re right!” Brady said.

They all laughed and laughed.

Brady and GrapeB waved goodbye to Mr. Wonka and all the other characters. Brady promised to come visit them all soon using his Magic Purple Library Card.

The next time Brady went to the Library, he told the Storyvores all about the Library Bash. When Brady got to the part where Mr. Wonka said it was a SHORT story, they all laughed and laughed, too.

Brady went to the library many, many, many more times, and he visited the Storyvores every time.

He went to lots of Library Bashes.

He read lots of books and watched lots of DVDs.

And he lived happily ever after.

The End.

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