The Further Adventures of Sound and the Super Sprinkle Stealer 6000

(The Sequel to Bang Bang Bingo Bingo Bong Bong – Also Known as Sound)

Brady was a kindergartener who was so awesome that lots of people loved him!  Brady also had friends at school and in his Cub Scout pack!

Brady also had one VERY unusual friend. His full name was “Bang Bang Bingo Bingo Bong Bong”, but everyone called him “Sound”, since that was easier to remember.

You couldn’t see Sound or touch him, but he could make any sound in the whole wide world, which made him a super fun playmate. Sound could play your favorite song or pretend to be any movie character or sound like any animal.

Sometimes, though, Sound liked to play jokes.

One day in the month of March, there was a huuuuuuge basketball tournament going on. General Mommy and Auntie Kimberly went to college at the University of Arizona, so they wanted U of A to win the tournament!

As they were getting ready to watch the big game at Brady’s house, Brady and General Mommy and Auntie Kimberly all decided to sing the U of A song. They started:

“Bear Down, Arizona
Bear Down, Red and Blue…”

Suddenly, they heard a huge GRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOAR!

“GAAAAAAA,” yelled Auntie Kimberly. “There’s a grizzly bear in the house!!!!!”

They all ran into Brady’s room and shut the door. Just outside the door, they heard someone giggling.

“Sound,” Brady said through the door. “Was that you?”

“Sorry,” said Sound. “I thought it was a song about a bear, so I was just adding some sound effects.”

“No,” said Auntie Kimberly, “Bear Down isn’t about an actual bear – Bear Down is an expression that means to try really hard, especially when things are difficult.”

So they all went back in the living room and started the song again:

“Bear Down, Arizona
Bear Down, Red and Blue
Bear Down, Arizona
We want to beat ASU”

“STOP, STOP, STOP,” said Auntie Kimberly. She put her hands on her hips and looked at Brady. “Did you just say you wanted to BEAT ASU or BE ASU?”

“I said I wanted to BE ASU,” said Brady.

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” said General Mommy and Auntie Kimberly together.

“No, no, no,” said Auntie Kimberly. “It’s we want to BEAT ASU. Let’s start over.” So the all sang:

“Bear Down, Arizona
Bear Down Red and Blue
Bear Down, Arizona
We want to BEAT ASU
Bear Down, Arizona
Bear Down Red and Blue
And Go! Go! Wildcats Go!
Arizona Bear Down!”

“Now it’s time to watch the game,” said Brady. And then he said to Sound, “No more jokes! I can’t BEAR it when you make jokes!”

A few days later, Auntie Kimberly took Brady to the library to return the books he’d just read and to check some new ones out. Auntie Kimberly loved to read, and she was very happy that Brady liked to read, too. She was super proud of Brady because he was practicing very hard, and he was getting really good at reading on his own!

They returned the old books and found some new books. They got a book by Roald Dahl, a Fly Guy book, and a Captain Underpants book, “Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-a-lot.”

As they walked out of the library, the alarm went off!

WooooooOOOOO! WooooooOOOOO! WooooooOOOOO!

“GAAAAAAAA,” Auntie Kimberly said, “I thought we checked these books out!”

“We did,” Brady said. “The checker-outer made the bumping noise and everything!”

The librarian came over and made sure that their books were checked out. They were definitely checked out correctly, and the librarian said she was sorry and that the alarm must not have been working.

Suddenly, Brady and Auntie Kimberly realized that was probably NOT the alarm.

“SOUND, NO MORE TRICKS,” they said together.

“Sorry,” said Sound. “It was just a little joke for the li-BEAR-y!”

After the library, Brady and Auntie Kimberly went to get a donut for a treat. But when they got to the donut shop, the owner was very sad and said that all he had were plain donuts.

“We’ve just been robbed,” the owner said! “A robber came in with a Super Sprinkle Stealer 6000 and used it to suck up all the sprinkles and all the jelly! He loaded the Super Sprinkle Stealer 6000 in his truck and he’s about to drive away!”

Auntie Kimberly and Brady decided to order plain donuts anyway.

Suddenly, from the parking lot, came the sound of a huge grizzly bear:


“GAAAAAAAAAAAA,” yelled the robber. “A grizzly bear!” He got out of the car and ran away, leaving his truck in the parking lot.

The donut shop owner took the Super Sprinkle Stealer 6000 out of the back of the truck.

“Hmmmmm,” said Brady, “That looks just like a plain old paper towel cardboard tube.”

“Of course,” said the donut shop owner. “The Super Sprinkle Stealer 5000 was really big and hard to lug around. The Super Sprinkle Stealer 6000 is much easier to carry and also looks just like a cardboard tube. Plus, the Super Sprinkle Stealer 6000 can also steal jelly.”

“Wow!” said Brady.

“Wow!” said Auntie Kimberly.

“Wow!” said Sound.

“Who was that?” asked the owner.

Brady and Auntie Kimberly explained about Bang Bang Bingo Bingo Bong Bong and told the shop owner that Sound had made the grizzly bear sound to scare away the robber.

The shop owner said thank you to Sound. “Now,” the shop owner said, “who wants some extra sprinkles and extra jelly on their donut?”

Auntie Kimberly and Brady each held out their plain donuts as the shop owner held up the Super Sprinkle Stealer 6000 and set the dial to “Reverse”.

Sprinkles and jelly poured out of the Super Sprinkle Stealer 6000 onto Brady’s and Auntie Kimberly’s donuts.

They were the most delicious donuts ever.

Suddenly, Brady and Sound started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Auntie Kimberly asked.

“You have jelly all over your face!” said Brady.

“Oops,” said Auntie Kimberly. “How emBEARassing.”

They laughed and laughed, and They

The End.

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